3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Wordpress For Your Business Website

Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

Wordpress is one of the most popular website platforms, if not the most popular, on the World Wide Web, used for over a 5th (27%) of 75 million websites in fact. Wordpress is user friendly, SEO friendly, affordable, and lends itself to some beautiful designs. However, here I want to make you aware of 3 reasons why you should NOT use Wordpress for your business website;

1- Security Issues
When it comes to security, Wordpress is known to be vulnerable. Brute Force Attacks are just one security vulnerability to be concerned about. Hacking like this occurs when an unauthorised person, often for no apparent reason than to cause mayhem for you, gains access to your back-end dashboard - this can be achieved by using trial and error with usernames and passwords (which there is software which can do just that), or some other way through a known hole in the software. But, not every hacker just wants to inconvenience the website owner, some hackers are deliberately looking for sensitive information such as bank details, passwords, and so on, and really looking to cause your business harm.

Wordpress Security

2- Time Is Money
Many people are attracted to Wordpress because there are a large range of free plug-ins and website designs available. These are provided for free, or at a minimal cost, sometimes designed by amateur developers, as well as professional development companies. However, there is no reason why hackers cannot provide such plug-ins too, gaining them instant access to your website or computer through a backend piece of code, which they often do. Such security issues will not be made safe by updating the Wordpress software, nor installing security patches, as it is impossible to monitor every single piece of Wordpress code.

As a business, it might occur to you to employ a website security expert, who can analyse the code of your Wordpress site, including plug-ins, however this would work out extremely expensive over time, and money spent on a secure bespoke business website would be better spent.

3- Plugins & Back Doors 
Wordpress is developed by a professional web development company, however, the majority of the plug-in software that is circulated and in use is developed by amateurs. This lack of knowledge and skill can lead to bad programming, which can then lead to hackers getting in through holes in the code. Un-optimized code can not only slow down your website or cause errors (which is also bad for your search engine rankings), but can also leave wide-open back-doors for hackers to break into your website.

Only 1 month ago (Dec 2016) a critical floor in PHPMailer was found and could put millions of websites at risk – read PC Review’s report here.

These 3 reasons why you should NOT use Wordpress for your business website may come as a surprise to many, especially as it is actually the most used Content Management System on the planet. But, its sure any business owner will agree that these reasons are valid, and any business embarking on the Wordpress platform for their business website should consider them greatly.

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