3 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have A Mobile Friendly Website

Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

With the majority of web users now using the internet on the go, having a website that is mobile friendly is no longer a choice, but a must have. Accessing the web via smartphones and similar mobile devices has become the norm for many users, with them choosing to go online this way even when they are at home, instead of using a PC or laptop computer.

In terms of online shopping, as far back as 2013 mobile users had already overtaken those 45% who used a PC or laptop to shop online. A Google survey found that 74% of visitors were more likely to return to a mobile friendly website, with 61% likely to immediately click off an unresponsive website in search of something more suitable. This will give you an idea of what people's views on mobile friendly websites are now, considering the popularity of mobile devices here and now in 2016.

Here are 3 reasons why your business must have a mobile friendly website;

1 - You can be penalised by Google if your website is not mobile responsive. Not only are Google looking for fast loading speeds, quality content, and a good reputation to determine how high quality your website is, it now considers whether your website is responsive. This in turn will help them determine whether you should be ranked well on Google searches or not. Google wants to provide the user with the best quality websites, and understands that most of it's users are now searching while on mobile devices. To ignore your business' need for a mobile responsive website is to ignore the needs of the user in organic searches, and Google does not like this.

2 - It is what your customers want and need. To ignore the wants and needs of your customers is to ignore your business, most people will be looking for ease of use and ease of finding information via your website. If your website is responsive, it will be able to automatically detect what device the user is accessing it from, be it a smartphone or tablet, and generate a version of the website that is easy to read, navigate and is ultimately user friendly. If you have a responsive website then customers will likely return, however if not, they are highly unlikely to even stay on your site at all.

3 - You will lose business if you do not have a mobile responsive website. This is a fact. The pros of having a mobile friendly business website are many, including return customers, better organic search positions, backlinks and recommendations, and so on. However, if your website is unusable to the majority of internet users, then people will not wish to revisit or recommend you to others, and at the end of the day you will lose business.

Making your business website mobile friendly is just one simple thing that you can do to bring your business up to date and in line with what today's customers want. By doing so, you are sure to notice an increase in visitors, customers, and ultimately in revenue.

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