5 Reasons Why a Small Business Should Have a Strong Brand

Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

There are many reasons why it is important for small businesses to have a strong brand. Many people wrongly assume that branding is just for big businesses with large budgets and commercial presence, however small business can benefit greatly from this too in many ways. Good branding can have a positive impact on your business, helping grow your customer base, advertise your business, and increasing trust.

Here are 5 reasons why a small business should have a strong brand;

1 - Branding Gets You Recognised
Firstly, the advantage of branding is to have your business instantly recognised. This is usually from a distinctive logo, and branding colours and font/image style. Some businesses are instantly recognisable by looking at just one symbol - think; the little blue bird for Twitter, or the Instagram camera icon, the yellow M for McDonalds, the Nike tick, or the yellow shell symbol for Shell. By getting the logo right, people will be able to recognise your brand whenever they see your logo too, and this might not be on a global scale, but it works in exactly the same way for local or online business.

2 - Help Your Advertising Campaigns
When it comes to advertising your business, your branding will help you along the way. If you are giving out flyers, stickers or pens, then your logo and brand colours can be used. Similarly, if you are advertising online or in a publication, there is usually room for a logo, and this will help toward recognition and brand awareness.

3 - Helps Build Trust
As humans, we are programmed to recognise images and styles as conveying certain thoughts and emotions. If you are an accountant or solicitor for example and you have a company logo, you are able to present a stable and trustworthy brand through choosing conservative colours and fonts - you would not gain trust having a neon pink and yellow logo. By choosing certain style, you can build trust in your areas of expertise.

4 - Inspires Staff
By creating a company brand, you can enable staff to feel as if they are all working under the same umbrella for the common cause. It can tell staff who you are, and what they are contributing toward, resulting in inspired staff who believe they are part of something.

5 - Increases Custom and Builds Value
If you have a desirable brand, you will find that people want to spend money with you, wanting to buy into your brand and have a little piece for themselves. Your brand can either be a relatable one, or an aspirational one, either way if it is desirable then your business custom will increase as a result. When it comes to selling your business, or dealing with investors, the value of your business will be more than those similar businesses who do not have a good branding image.

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