5 Top Reasons Your Business Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

With Facebook being the website of choice for a vast amount of people when it comes passing time, communicating with friends and contacts, playing games, catching up on news and even watching videos, it makes sense for businesses to be advertising on this popular site. Between targeting your specific market, and tracking your progress, there are many benefits to advertising on Facebook. Here we divulge the top 5 reasons your business should be advertising on Facebook;  

1- Facebook is full of potential customers
With a reported one billion active users on Facebook every month, it simply makes no sense not to have a business presence on there. No matter what your demographic is, the chances are that you will have a target audience amongst the one billion (and growing) active users. There is literally people on there for every target market, and so it is somewhat of a waiting pool of potential customers for your business.

Target your audience with Facebook

2- You can specify your target market
Facebook advertising allows you to target your ads at specific demographics, choosing who sees your adverts according to the demographics in their profiles. This is extremely cost effective as it means you can block out a huge number of users who are unlikely to ever use your services, and ensure those who could be interested, see them. You can specify gender, age ranges, hobbies, location, and so on, so you can be precise when designing your advertising campaign.

3- Facebook advertising is affordable
Facebook advertising is a very affordable way of targeting your market, gaining exposure to them online. No money is wasted targeting the wrong demographic, and there are several price tiers to choose from, or you can customise your own plan by setting a daily budget limit. Businesses can do very well advertising on Facebook from as little as a few pounds per day, and so it is not only a cost effective way of advertising long term, but it is an affordable form of advertising to experiment with too.

Track and monitor your success with Facebook analytics

4- You can track your success with analytics
Facebook advertising allows you to track everything, allowing you to tailor your advertising campaign according to what works. This, again, saves money in the long run as you can look closely at clicks and conversions, and see what is proving to be most effective. Other forms of traditional advertising platforms have no way of allowing you to track in as much detail, so Facebook really is offering something different to businesses when it comes to this.

5- Facebook advertising is the way forward
Some businesses continue to waste time and money in advertising by using only print, TV or radio advertising. This gets their message out to a wide audience; however, they are unable to target specific groups of people. Facebook is a leading online platform that moves with technology and the times, meaning that your advertising campaigns will also do this and stay up to date.

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