5 Ways to Build Your Twitter Following

Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

Twitter is an excellent tool for expanding your business, be you using it for improving your client base, flow of customers, or brand awareness. Building your Twitter following is a worthwhile exercise, and the time you dedicate to gaining more quality Twitter followers will pay off in terms of business exposure. However, many people do get stuck when it comes to gaining more followers, so here we share with you 5 ways to build your Twitter following;

1 - Perfect Your Profile
Having a friendly and informative profile page is important when it comes to attracting people to follow and engage with your business. Make sure that you use all the options available to you, such as your name, location, website address, short biography, as well as an attractive branded banner or photo. An actual photo of yourself is recommended so that people know who they are engaging with, however your company logo or related image is fine too.

2 - Interact With Your Followers
Twitter is best when used to interact with others, this is what the majority of users want and enjoy. You can 'ReTweet' (RT) tweets that you want to share on your own feed, and therefore give others more exposure, who in turn may one day return the favour. You can reply to other people's Tweets, as well as 'like' them. When a follower tags you (uses @yourname) it will appear in your notifications, and you should then certainly reply. And, as well as looking out for followers, you should follow relevant people yourself, adding new ones on a regular basis.

3 - Make The Most of Hashtags #
Twitter allows users to search it's content by hashtags. For example, search or click on #webdesign and you will be presented with all the tweets which have used this hashtag in them, usually make-up blogs, products, suppliers, and so on. Find out the most used and current hashtags for your business niche and use one or two in each of your tweets. The sidebar on Twitter also shows trending words and hashtags and so by incorporating these now and again at any given moment, it might increase your user engagement.

4 - Use Twitter to Inform About Your Business
Use Twitter to keep all your followers up to date with what is happening in your business. If you offer new services, if you're having a sale, if you're going to be closed for a few days - let people know by putting out a Tweet. Similarly, if you publish a new blog article, something on Facebook, or update any other social media platform for your business, you can add the same to Twitter, with a direct link.

5 - Engage in Real Time
Engage with your followers in real time. Reply to them as they Tweet to encourage conversation. Write some Tweets of your own about the present moment, and encourage this kind of immediate engagement. Use fun tactics such as announcing a one hour flash sale, or give out a discount code to the first five people who respond. This will not only prompt followers to keep an eye on your feed, but it will encourage engagement and personal recommendations too.

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