Does Your Brand Have a Voice?

Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

Could people identify a piece of writing or a visual from your business if your logo wasn't present?

Having a consistent tone across all marketing media that your business puts out is vital. This is in order to make you instantly recognisable as a business, whether you are making it obvious or not. Having various tones of voices across your marketing will do nothing to establish your brand in people's minds, nor allow others to engage or connect wtih it. 

This is why it's important to consider - does your brand have a voice?

Brand Voice

In terms of consistent, I recommend using the same tone of voice, type of language, and writing style in order to make your brand instantly recognisable across any websites, social media accounts, advertising, and printed promotional material. 

The identity that you develop through giving it a distinct voice will then compliment your brand and logo, and what your entire business message actually is. 

Consistent Trust 
By keeping the voice of your brand the same across the board, you will build a familiarity amongst your audience, which will then in turn build their trust in your brand. This allows others to feel at ease, they know what you are about, what they get for their money, and they feel at ease with this.

When establishing your brand voice, say it as you would direct to your target audience. It should be in a relatable language, for example marketing to a target audience of teenagers will certainly be different to that of business men.

Always make sure that you keep your message concise, and keep your voice distinctive.

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