Five Great Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website

Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

When running your own website, you need to have traffic! Traffic refers to the number of visitors your site gets each day/week/month. More visitors to your site means more potential customers seeing your products or services – and therefore more people likely to buy from you. In short, the more traffic you get, the more money you are likely to make. 

But how do you drive traffic to your site? 

Here are some tried and tested ways to boost the number of visitors you get on your website. 

On-page SEO

Search engine optimisation is the ultimate way to bring new people to your site. The better your SEO is, the higher it will appear in the search engine rankings for your keywords. It is important to make your site relevant to those who are likely to be looking for your products or services. 

This means you need to be researching keywords, create valuable content and craft Meta descriptions to get your page noticed. In 2018 when everyone has a website, it’s no longer enough to just post consistently. You need to be using SEO well to get your page noticed among your competitors. 

Social Media

Another extremely important way to get noticed online today is by using social media. Over 3 billion people use some form of social media today – nearly half of the world’s population. It’s a great way to reach a different audience – and more of them. Social media allows you to target different groups of people and expand your potential customer base. 

One of the keys things to remember when using social media is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are the way that people find content which is relevant to them and the things they’re interested in. If you can use hashtags correctly you’ll find that you’re reaching more people who are likely to be interested in your product. 


Email marketing is definitely something you’ve heard of – and you likely receive email newsletters from companies that you’re involved with. It is essential to build a sequence which develops new sign-ups and relationships with your customers. It is also a key part of email marketing. 

Even a basic welcome email is key to promoting your brand and driving traffic to your site. A recent study showed that 320% more revenue is attributed to welcome emails than other promotional emails, so keep this in mind when new customers sign up. 
   320% more revenue is attributed to welcome emails than other promotional emails.

Set up an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs allow you to boost traffic to your site by leveraging other people’s audiences. If you offer publishers a commission on the sales they generate then you’re giving people a reason to leave positive reviews. This works especially well for new sites as you only pay out when a genuine sale is made – meaning you’re not losing money unnecessarily. 

Affiliate programming is great because once you’ve set it up it pretty much runs itself. You can leave it on auto-pilot and focus on the other areas of your business. Research what affiliate programs are out there and decide which one is right for you. 

Guest Posting

Guest posting or guest blogging refers to when you get someone from another blog to write a post (or several) for your site. This is a good way to generate traffic – if done correctly. Make sure that your guest blogger is relevant to the product or service you’re offering. You should also make sure that they share your site on their own blog. This means that you are getting traffic from people visiting their site too. 

Don’t forget to share any guest posters on your social media sites. And don’t forget that a guest blogger doesn’t just have to write. You can do podcasts and Instagram takeovers by guests too in order to drive up traffic.

Contact Eight Zero today if your business would like to generate more web traffic. 

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