How Storytelling Benefits Web Design

Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

When it comes to creating some kind of emotional connection between the customer and your brand, embracing storytelling can really benefit web design. How storytelling benefits web design is that it makes your brand, company and website a more relatable and memorable thing, establishing a lasting impression on the customer.

When it comes to website design, the storytelling element needn't be anything complex, in fact simplicity is usually more effective at hitting the message home. It can be easily achieved by adding an effective image to the page for example, it is all about saying what you want to say in an effective way that the visitor will recognise and understand.

To get started, think about what your businesses' own story is. What makes your brand so interesting? What is it's history? What is the story behind it all? Get this right and people will want to share it with others, as well as engage with it themselves. To get started on the narrative, make some notes about the location, the plot and the characters in your story, as well as noting the emotion that you want to convey to others. Consider the voice in your story, who is telling it?

If you are the interesting character in your business, tell the story from the first person, be part of the brand in a relatable way. Alternatively, you may wish for another voice to tell the story on the website - be it through words, audio or pictures. Whatever angle you decide to take, consider the audience you aim to engage with. This will determine the look and feel of the website as a whole, as well as the tone of voice that is used, and the tempo of the information conveyed,

A little like a real story, the website design should set the scene (either via words or pictures), as well as state a problem and how you solve it (conflict and resolution). This should clearly show the user what you are about, what you do, and allow them to connect with your brand emotionally, relating it to their own life experience. Make sure that the colours and fonts you choose tie in with the concept emotionally too, design affects the connection to the user more that you know.

If you are hiring a website designer, be sure to do these notes for your storytelling, and convey it to them, with visual aids too if need be. It is the job of a good designer to get the story across to the website visitors, and turn them into customers. Look at other websites for inspiration, but remember the thing that makes the good ones work is that they are telling their own unique story.

We hope that this has shown you more about how storytelling benefits web design, allowing you to move forward with your website and app design, engaging with the right audience and ultimately creating and keeping

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