Moving Web design into the heart of Beeston

Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

It's been a very busy couple of months in the run-up to Christmas to say the least. Not only have some great web projects been released into the wild, but we've now finally moved from our home of 2 years, Technology Drive, right into the pounding heart of the newly developing Beeston town. 

Eight Zero, 72b Wollaton Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2NZ

Nothing is set in stone but early name submissions for the new HQ include:-
  • The White House
  • The Igloo
  • Ground Eight Zero
  • Port 80
  • The Loft
  • The Chicken Swinger
Not quite The Googleplex but we’re getting there! And with double the white space to bounce around creativity, we are looking to 2015 with great pride and ambition to see just what lies in store for us and our customers

If you are in the area, drop by and say hello. The new coffee machine is a magic bit of kit.

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