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Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

Landing Page Optimisation is an important part of SEO as a whole, and is vital in terms of increasing the performance of your website. Landing Page Optimisation not only focuses on driving traffic to your website, but also keeping them on your site, generating leads, and ultimately converting them into customers. Here are our top 6 website landing page tips and tricks to make the most of your website and the traffic it gets.

1 – Ensure Your Landing Pages Are Mobile-Friendly
Landing pages must be mobile friendly, not just so they are favoured by search engines, but to ensure users find them accessible enough to stay on and do what you want them to do. Most internet users use some sort of mobile device, so it is vital that you consider this when designing a landing page, making it possible to convert these users easily when they are on the go.

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2 – Remove Main Navigation
The goal of a good landing page is to keep the user on there, reading and absorbing the information, doing just what the person behind the page wants them to do. This might be watching a video, signing up to a mailing list, interacting in some way, or reading with intention to buy. What is not wanted when someone lands on the landing page is for them to see the main navigation and then immediately click on something else to go elsewhere, missing the landing page altogether. In order to keep visitors on the specifically designed landing page, one trick is to remove the main navigation menu, giving them less opportunity to click away.

3 – Use Video and Infographics
Visitors might not have the time or inclination to read large amounts of text, and this is where embedding a video on the page with information can be of use. Similarly, images and infographics that hammer the point home effectively are good options.

4 – Call to Action (CTA)
Calling users to action is asking them to do something, now; sign-up, click submit, and so on. By using immediate and convincing language you can get users to do as you say on the spur of the moment, generating leads for you or converting them into customers.

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5 – Keywords and Powerwords
Use words and phrases that capture the users imagination, harness their emotions, and encourage them to buy into whatever you are selling. Power words are less focused on SEO and more focused on speaking directly to the person on the page.

6 – Put Together an Effective Landing Page
On the whole, landing pages have a loose structure. With the main aim being to convert visitors to the site into a lead (by getting their email address), or customer (by getting them to purchase something), there is a certain flow of information that proves effective. Make sure you include a convincing headline title, along with a brief introduction of what is being offered and its value. Include one or two supporting images, along with positive testimonials, and badges showing trustworthiness. Finally, don't forget the Call To Action, which will be asking the user to submit their information.

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