Website Landing Pages for Lead Generation : Part 1

Adi Young

Written by Adi Young @ Eight Zero

Have you ever thought of converting your website visitors into quality leads? If so, this post is written just for you, so read on…

What is a Landing Page?

A website landing page is also known as a lead capture page and should be an essential part of any business owners marketing and SEO strategy. The sole purpose of a specifically designed landing page is to target and generate quality leads for any business wanting to utilize their online presence to gain more sales or customers.

A homepage is usually given more design attention than any other page on a website because it is considered the virtual storefront and often the 1st page people see when visiting a website, especially newer sites.

However, a website homepage doesn’t usually work as effectively as a dedicated landing page in converting higher percentages of visitors into vital leads. Specifically-designed Landing pages can have up to a 15 % conversion rate, compared to standard pages which may only be able to achieve a gloomy 3-4%

A clear idea of how visitors get to your website is vital for any marketer! Think of a Landing Page as a map that guides your visitors through the website to easily find what they are looking for and what they are supposed to do to be able purchase your product or service offerings.

Here are my top 4 tips on how you should create a perfect Landing Page which converts your traffic into leads

Have Clear Page Objectives

The page content should exactly match to the visitor's previous source (ie what they actually typed into Google to find and land on your page or what the link headline said in your email campaign) 

Do not let your visitors hit the back button by making them feel like they are on the wrong website/page – you need to show them that they are bang on the money and it’s where they need to be.

The sole purpose of the landing page should be simple and easy to elaborate. Too much information can be confusing to the user - so make sure the information on the landing page is clear and precisely what you want the visitor to do, in order or convert into an enquiry or sale.

You can limit the number of links, media, and images and organize what you choose to show logically. Some websites even remove entire menus and any elements where the user can be distracted away from the all import call-to-action.

Focus on Value

Focus entirely on the purpose of the product or service which you are providing on the Land Page. Diverting the intended use will result in fewer leads generated.

Don’t just write about the product, let the page offer something of value! This means listing the features or benefits which will resonate with user and re-enforce why they have landed on your page in the 1st place.

Connect with the users’ emotions whilst solving their issues or needs and you will instantly generate more leads. Show happy customers who have purchased before to expand on the value of using your quality services or products.

Remember to list the benefits of your products or services - don't just focus on the features!

The 4 Elements of Land Page Lead Generation

• A targeted headline and sub headline (H1 and H2 HTML tags)
• Description of service being supported by images or video content (HTML Meta Description tags)
Testimonials or Previous Happy Customers to re-enforce trust and credibility
• A contact form or a large call-to-action (CTA) button which directs to the next step

Create More Landing Pages

If done correctly, creating landing pages will increase traffic to your website – leading to more, that’s right, leads!

For every new campaign it’s necessary to create a new targeted landing page because the more landing pages you have, the more opportunities for converting more traffic.

For SEO reasons this is a good idea as Google will start to index (list) more of your pages, which over time will results into more searchable content for your website and higher rankings and authority.

To Sum Up...

Cleverly crafted Land Pages will make your website a lead generating machine. The more focused, well designed Landing Pages you have, the more opportunities you have in converting your visitors into leads.

Landing pages allow you to narrow your focus and take control of your site. They are simple to make once you have done your research.

In the coming weeks, I will be writing Part 2 to this post which will include a more in-depth look into how a successful Landing Page should be built from a visual and technical perspective.

Now go! Go and plan some genius Landing Pages increase and convert more of those well sought after leads.

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