Eight Zero

was formed by your story teller, Adi Young, with an inspired vision to quit a perfectly decent job as a seasoned web designer/developer and to ‘go it alone’ to help transform ambitious businesses into successful brands.

It was the start of the recession, 2009. I was living in my home town of Beeston, Nottingham. My first child had arrived and everything was running like clockwork. [or so I thought...]

Web design and SEO companies were rapidly getting bad reputations as fakes and rip-offs – on a par with cowboy builders and dodgy car salesmen - something that didn’t sit right in the back of my mind. I knew most web design companies produced sub-standard, off-the-peg Wordpress sites and didn’t offer aftercare or any on-going relationship with the customer and their website.

With this knowledge, I realised there was a great opportunity to create an honest business which could have positive impacts on businesses and their workforce. A business where I could create digital solutions using all the skills and knowledge I had practiced over the past decade, and without having to charge top London agency prices.

The first office was set up in the spare room with an Ikea MALM desk and small pot plant, which died of caffeine poisoning about 6 weeks after arrival.

Dead pot plant
The Eight Zero caffeine-fuelled dead pot plant.

Having recently become a father, with fresh outlook on family life, I decided that for or every successfully launched website, a donation would be made to a children’s charity that help prevent abuse and neglect.

Fast Forward

For the past 4 years, we have shared an office with a good friend’s IT Company, Digital Evolutions. Between the 2 companies we provide a vast range of digital and IT solutions - ranging from web design to managed network solutions.

Why the name?

Nothing clever going on here – it’s the year I was born. For the geeks, it’s the port which the internet (http) runs on.
The official registered name is 8zero Creative Limited, but it got a little confusing being alpha-numeric so now we just go under ‘Eight Zero’ for simplicity.

Our Mission!

"Transform ambitious businesses into successful brands."
  • Implement the best solution
  • Inspire, encourage and educate
  • Positively impact on human lives

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